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Belfast Trojans American Football Club

The Belfast Trojans are a powerhouse in Irish American Football. They have earned a reputation as Northern Ireland’s most successful American Football Club, having won the Shamrock Bowl - Ireland's premier championship - an impressive five times. This includes an incredible four consecutive victories between 2012 and 2015.

The Trojans' journey to the top was not an easy one. In their early years, the club struggled to find its footing, experiencing mixed success on the field and facing challenges both on and off the pitch. But the team persevered, and in 2011 a strong recruitment drive brought an influx of new talent and renewed energy to the Trojans' ranks. The following years saw the team rise to new heights, culminating in their four-in-a-row championship victories.

Looking ahead, the Belfast Trojans remain focused on building a bright future for the team and the sport in Northern Ireland. With a deep and constantly refreshed roster, the Trojans continue to set the standard for American Football in Ireland. And with the support of their key sponsors and a growing fanbase, the Trojans are well-positioned to continue their success for years to come.

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Shamrock Bowl Champions

x5 times
*2012, *2013, *2014, *2015, *2019

Atlantic Cup Champions

x2 times
*2013, *2015


x1 time

Trojans Journey To The Top


Formation of Belfast Trojans

Formed in 2006 by players disillusioned with the now defunct Belfast Bulls, the Trojans joined the IAFL in 2007.


First Northern Division Title

The Trojans battled to their first Northern Division Title and made it to the semi-final playoff in Limerick, where they lost to the UL Vikings.

Recovery and near-win

A proactive recruitment drive bolstered the Trojans squad, who finished the season 6-2, narrowly missing out on winning the Northern Division.

Unbeaten regular season and Shamrock Bowl XXVI win

The Trojans topped the Northern Division for the first time since 2008, going unbeaten along the way. They also won the Shamrock Bowl XXVI, beating the UL Vikings in a hard-fought match.

Second consecutive unbeaten league season and EFAF Atlantic Cup entry

The Trojans went unbeaten in the league for the second consecutive year and were entered into the EFAF Atlantic Cup as Irish Champions.

Trojans dominate domestically and triumph in Europe

Belfast Trojans continued their dominance in the domestic league, securing their fourth consecutive SBC Northern Division crown with eight wins from eight league fixtures.
The Trojans also triumphed in Europe, winning the GFLI Atlantic Cup in Groningen, Netherlands. After defeating the 2014 Belgian Champions, the Ghent Gators, in the first game, they went on to win the final against the hosts, the Groningen Giants.

Trojans establish a Flag Football team 

A brand new Flag Football team is set up and quickly becomes successful in providing a fast-paced alternative to contact football for American Football fans in Belfast 

Belfast Trojans claim 5th Shamrock Bowl title and establish their Hall of Fame

After a four-year absence from the top spot, the Belfast Trojans regained their championship form in 2019, winning their fifth Shamrock Bowl title in the modern era. The Club then decided it was time to honour the #GreatestTrojans who were instrumental in helping the Trojans become the dominant force in American Football in Ireland during the 2010s. The inaugural class has five founding members.

Youth Football team set up 

The Belfast Trojans are finally in a position to set up a Youth Team for 15-18 year olds to compete in contact American Football. An excellent first class finishes third overall in the Youth National Championships.

Game Day

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